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Venture Creation Program- Part 2

Welcome to the SEEDplus Term2 Venture Creation Program!

This initiative is designed to enhance the skills of students, academics, non-academic staff, and colleagues from various sectors, embodying diverse stakeholders. Our goal is to nurture entrepreneurial spirit and guide participants in establishing businesses that contribute to societal progress, emphasizing the circular economy, achieving net-zero, and fostering greener initiatives.

No matter your background, nationality, or whether you already have a business idea, this program is tailored for you if you are driven by a passion to innovate and create meaningful, positive change in society.

This page serves as your roadmap through the program. It provides detailed information about the program’s structure, eligibility criteria, and deadlines. Additionally, you’ll find all the necessary links for registration, as well as guidance on how to follow up and participate in various program activities.

Welcome aboard this transformative journey! SEEDplus team

Quick links

Program aims

The primary objective of our training program is to empower talented individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish and sustain a green business that aligns with the European Union’s taxonomy and contributes to the European Green Deal. By fostering a comprehensive understanding of sustainable business practices, we aim to not only support the growth of environmentally conscious enterprises but also encourage self-employment as a viable and rewarding career path. Participants will be guided through the intricate processes of conceptualizing, developing, and implementing business ideas that have a positive impact on society and the environment, ensuring that their ventures are not only profitable but also responsible and forward-thinking.

Throughout the program, participants will receive in-depth training on utilizing the business model canvas as a strategic management tool, enabling them to articulate, develop, and pivot their business concepts effectively. Additionally, the curriculum is designed to equip participants with essential skills such as pitching their ideas persuasively, navigating the landscape of potential investors, and mastering the art of fundraising. By the end of the program, participants will be well-prepared to transform their innovative ideas into successful, sustainable businesses that contribute meaningfully to the European Green Deal and their own entrepreneurial aspirations.

What participants can gain from this program?

Participants in this program can look forward to gaining a comprehensive array of skills and knowledge, setting the stage for their success in the entrepreneurial world. Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  • Soft Skills Development: Enhance your ability to think critically and creatively. Learn the art of persuasive pitching, and master effective communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Business Foundations: Gain in-depth knowledge about establishing a business from the ground up. Learn how to effectively use the business model canvas to conceptualize and develop your business ideas.
  • Investor Engagement: Acquire the skills to confidently approach investors, present your ideas convincingly, and successfully raise funds to kickstart your venture.
  • Market Analysis Expertise: Develop the ability to perform detailed competition analysis, allowing you to understand your market better and strategize accordingly.
  • Pan-European Exposure: All teams will have the chance to pitch their business ideas at the “BOOST Camp” – a prestigious Pan-European event, gaining exposure and feedback from a diverse audience.
  • National Recognition: At a national level competition, three teams from each participating country will emerge as winners. These teams will then have the golden opportunity to present their business ideas in front of an experienced panel during the 3rd CloudEARTHi conference (27-29 of June 2024).
  • Win financial support: Selected teams from the national competition will win financial support to attend the international competition in Lisbon (August/September, 2024).
  • International Competition: The national winners will progress to compete in an international competition, showcasing their business ideas on a larger stage.
  • Acceleration Program: The overall winner will engage in a tailor-made, 2-month acceleration program designed specifically for their business idea, providing a significant boost to their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Ongoing Support: Regardless of the national/international competition outcome, your team and business idea will remain on our radar for continued support, further activities, and potential acceleration opportunities.

This program is not just a learning experience; it’s a launchpad for your entrepreneurial aspirations, providing you with the tools, exposure, and support necessary to thrive in the business world.

For who / Eligibility criteria

Leave no one behind” – this principle lies at the heart of our program, embracing our core values of equality and inclusivity. Regardless of background, gender, nationality, or skin color, we stand united in the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to engage in safeguarding our planet. Living in a connected world, it’s imperative that each one of us has the right and the means to contribute positively to our environment.

The program is meticulously designed to welcome participants from partner countries as well as associated countries, with a special emphasis on students, academics, and non-academic staff from partner or associated partner institutes. However, in our commitment to maximize impact and foster a global dialogue, the program remains open to teams worldwide. Priority will be accorded to teams that include at least one member from the partner/associated institutions, then teams come from EU countries.

We are particularly committed to inclusivity for individuals with disabilities, ensuring that they are given priority and full opportunity to participate, irrespective of nationality. This aligns with the recommendations from our sister project, “Inspiring the Minds,” which emphasizes measures of inclusion and diversity.

Teams may consist solely of students, academics, staff, or other citizens, but we strongly encourage the formation of diverse teams that reflect a rich tapestry of backgrounds. Such diversity not only enhances the learning experience but also fosters a dynamic exchange of knowledge and perspectives, crucial for nurturing innovation and driving meaningful change.

For any question about the eligibility, please send us an email:

Program Structure, Workload and Timeline
  • Program Schedule: Commences on February 12, 2024 (February 19 for certain partners), spanning 10 weeks.
  • Weekly Workload: Expect to invest around 2 to 4 hours weekly in reading, reviewing materials, and crafting pitches and presentations. Part of this work-load will be allocated for conducting market analysis and engaging with potential stakeholders and clients.
  • Mode of Delivery: Primarily online, except for the BOOST Camp week, which involves in-person participation. An online participation option for BOOST Camp will be available for team members who are not located at the Tromsø, Varna, Kyiv, Burgenland, or Istanbul campuses.

Program structure:

1- Registration of team members. Each team member must register individually. Register here

  • Teams from Kyiv Academic University, Ukraine or who wish to use the Kyiv Academic University´s platform to access the education materials should register from here.

2- Teams are encouraged to log into the community platform to present their ideas, engage in discussions, or record new team member details. Login from here

3- To update your profile, please log in and click on your profile name at the top right corner of the page. Select ‘Edit Profile’ to upload your photo and change your cover image. Follow the prompts to personalize your profile..

4- Each team should succinctly present their idea in a few paragraphs. Please refrain from including sensitive or critical data about your idea or business. This can be accomplished by creating a new topic from this link:

5- Utilize our community matchmaking tool to comment on other teams’ business ideas or to request joining a team.

6- attend our 1-hour mentor online sessions every week (the schedule and links to the materials will be announced shortly). The topics that will be covered during these 10 weeks are:

7- Engage actively with your team to design your business idea and prepare your pitch, organizing these activities according to each team member’s individual schedule.

8- To prepare you to be a future leader, we provide you with a weekly grill the leader session (the schedule and links to the materials will be announced shortly).

9- On April 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2024, the BOOSTalent sister project will host a pan-European BOOST Camp as a hybrid event. Teams and members from Tromsø, Varna, Kyiv, Istanbul, and Burgenland are encouraged to attend in person. An online link will be provided for those who are unable to attend physically. Details of the BOOST Camp program will be presented shortly, and individual registration will be required.

10- The BOOST Camp will prepare the teams for the national competition.

11- In May 2024, all teams will participate in national-level competitions.

12- The three winning teams from each national competition will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas at the 3rd CloudEARTHi conference in Varna, from June 27th to 29th, 2024. Teams have the option to present either online or in person, subject to the availability of self-funding.

13- Winning teams from the national competitions will receive financial support to participate in the international competitions, scheduled for August/September in Lisbon.

14- In August/September 2024, the three winning teams from each national competition will have the opportunity to compete against each other in an international competition.

15- The top team from the international competition will be awarded a tailored 2-month acceleration service, specifically designed to advance their winning idea.

Regardless of whether your team wins at the national or international level, all participants will receive certification acknowledging their involvement. Additionally, you will gain skills and knowledge that will significantly enhance your career prospects.

Registration Details and Links for Participation in Program Activities
  • First Online introduction session: 15 Feb 2024 (Thursday) at 1700 (Center European Time, Norwegian Time, Spain Time), equivalent to 1800 (Ukrainian time, Bulgarian time, Turkish time, Egypt time), equivalent to 1600 (UK Time) – Please note the time difference with your country.
  • First Online Grill the Leader session (only for who wish to be leader and CEO): 19 Feb 2024 (Monday) at 1600 (Center European Time, Norwegian Time, Spain Time), equivalent to 1700 (Ukrainian time, Bulgarian time, Turkish time, Egypt time), equivalent to 1500 (UK Time) – Please note the time difference with your country.
  • Second Online session (Business model – Customer development): 21 Feb 2024 (Wednesday) at 1700 (Center European Time, Norwegian Time, Spain Time), equivalent to 1800 (Ukrainian time, Bulgarian time, Turkish time, Egypt time), equivalent to 1600 (UK Time) – Please note the time difference with your country.

Please use the following Zoom link to join the sessions.

Meeting ID: 689 6538 9930
Password: 960950

Course materials

You can find here the different materials for the 10 weeks. The materials will be uploaded week by week

Course Materials for the Venture Creation Program

First Week Material (introduction)
  • Watch the record of the session from here
Second Week Materials (Business model – customer development and market segmentation)
  • Watch a short video by Steve Blank about customer development (2 minutes)

  • Watch a longer (1,5 hour) video by Steve Blank on customer development
  • Watch a longer video about market segmentation
  • How to use market segmentation
Third Week Materials (Value Proposition)
  • Watch the lecture record
Fourth Week Materials (Customers users and payers)
  • Record of the session
Fifth Week Materials (Distribution Channels)

  • Record of the session

Sixth Week Materials (Customer relationship)
Seventh Week Materials (Revenue Models)

  • The different revenue models and examples

  • What Are Revenue Models And How To Choose The Right One

  • Revenue models for software products (but work with other services as well)

  • Example of how to model your revenue

Eighth Week Materials (Key Partners)

Ninth Week Materials (Key Resources and Costs)

Record of the topic introduction

Home tasks

Session record

Course Materials for the grill the leader sessions
  1. First session by Rivelino Montenegro

2. Second session by Frances and Helena – the story of GreensMadeEasy

3. Third session by Mohamed Elamir co-founder at Woamy

4. 4th session by Ana Trifković, co-founder at TRAKEN TECH DOO

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